What is my STAR?
Your STAR or Noliwuni is your personal spirit that walks with you from birth. It is your first protection spirit and the one who came with you to keep you on your path.

What is a STAR raising?

 A star raising is a ritual and bath to restore your spirit (STAR) to it's full capacity so that you are properly protected in spirit and also to restore your medicine to it's full potential and brightness

Why do I need my STAR raised?

In the west we have lost touch with tradition. In tradition a divination is done before you are born to determine which ancestor is coming back and the nature of your STAR. In tradition there for a STAR raising is not necessary. For us in the West, because we do not practice our traditions our STARS are weak. The result is bad luck and confusion as to what our purpose and medicine is. When your STAR is raised your spirit is restored and your medicine strengthened. Your life becomes less frustrating and you can begin to walk the life that you came here to live without unnecessary obstructions.

What is involved in the STAR raising process?

A divination is performed in Ghana by one of the spiritual Chiefs. The divination determines the position, gender and current strength of your STAR. Based on this divination rituals(s) are determined for restoring the star to it's full brightness. Herbs are collected, the ritual is performed on your behalf. The herbs are dried and sent to you for a bath to restore the connection between you and your star. 

How long does the process take?

Because the  divination is performer by our spiritual Chief(s) in Ghana and requires translation before it is returned to you this process may take several weeks.  In the meantime it is a good time to practice patience  and being still. The divination is always returned in time and always at the best time for you.  In the west we tend toward impatience and hurried processes. This is not so in Africa. Everything is dealt with according to spirit. The Chiefs tend not only to our Divinations but to their community as a whole and as such any number of events can take place that also delays the results and rituals being performed. This is absolutely normal.  However if you are concerned about the time it takes please reach out to arcquestion0322@gmail.com with your full name and the date you sent the request. for an update. 

What is the cost of having my STAR raised?

The divination costs $160. The cost of the STAR raising is determined by the divination  but typically it falls between $500-$800 plus shipping at around $200-$300 for the ritual ands herbs depending on weight , exchange rates and delivery speed from Ghana

What is a cleansing  Bath?
A cleansing bath is a herbal remedy created to restore you body and spirit and remove soul ties from past marriages, partners, abortions and miscarriages.

Why/when do I need a cleansing bath?

When you have an abortion, miscarriage or even when you are in a relationship with someone a tie is created between you and that person's spirit. This tie remains even after that person has long left. In the case of unborn children that spirit is still connected to you until a time when that bond is broken. The cleanse bath is how the bond is severed and everyone is released from the tie created. If you do not perform a ritual to sever the bond you will carry that person/spirit with you which may interfere with your current and future  relationships and pregnancies. This is why it is important to cleanse to remove the tie to allow for a reset before entering in to a new partnership so that it can be successful.

What is the cleansing bath process?

A divination is performed by one for the spiritual Chiefs to determine the ritual and herbs necessary for your situation. Rituals are performed over the herbs and the herbs are dried and shipped to you for your cleansing bath.

What is the cost of having the cleansing bath?

The divination costs $160. The cost of the bath is determined by the divination  but typically it falls around $400 plus shipping at around $150-$250 for the ritual herbs depending on weight , exchange rates and delivery speed from Ghana

NOTE: It is  important to be prepared to act responsibly after a ritual cleanse is performed. If a person let's say is very promiscuous and performs the bath and carries on being promiscuous, the spirit will leave that person and the bath will be unsuccessful.  When you decide to take the bath be certain that this is done to reset and restart and that all necessary changes on your behalf are considered and accepted.  Please contact Chief if you have any questions about whether a cleansing is for you at this time, or book a divination to find out what you need to get prepared.

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