Divination (Telephone)

45-minutes | $100 Plus Admin Fees (3.5%)

 Book a telephone divination with Chief Montana to get answers to your questions about your spiritual path, current family and relationship questions, your spiritual health, what ancestors are around you and more. 

Couples Divination (Telephone)

 45-minutes | $160 Plus Admin Fees (3.5%) 

 Married and/or Dating? Book a couples telephone divination to assess your relationship according to spirit. Married couples: Look into the marriage to see what is presently blocking or moving in the union. Dating couples and new relationships: Look to see if you and your partner are a good good ancestral match. Mon, Wed - Fri. For weekends please contact Chief Montana using the form on the Contact page. 

Dream Interpretation (Telephone)

30 min | $80 plus Admin Fees

 Have your dreams interpreted to find out what your ancestors and spirits want you to know about present, past and future situations. Send your dream to Chief Montana before the divination using the form on the Contact page. Make sure to reference the date and time and name of the booking on in the message. 

NOTE: Divination subscription schedules are subject to change on a monthly basis. You may reschedule within 48h of your divination - any missed divination that where not rescheduled within 48 hours will not be refunded. Any missed payments de to insufficient fund will result in immediate cancellation of the subscription and any scheduled divination cancelled.

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