Chief Montana

Chief Montana, is enskinned or initiated, as a Warrior Chief in the Dagomba Tradition, located in northern Tamale, Ghana. He has also studied the Indigenous Dagara Cosmology based out of Burkina Faso, under the guidance of Dr. Malidoma Some’. Through his trainings and natural talents, Chief Montana is a gifted diviner and healer whom is committed to returning the African to his and her indigenous self so that they may fulfil upon what they came into this world to do and be.

Chief Montana, emphasizes the necessity of an intimate connection with one's ancestors as the key to restoring each family to its greatness. After years of studying and training, Chief Montana instructs African descendants on the importance of and how to connect to and deepen the relationship with their Ancestors.


ARC (Ancestral Renewal and Communication)

Utilizing traditional group rituals and online courses, Chief Montana, successfully guides individuals to restore the Ancestral circle of life that places their ancestors in the proper place in their families. This allows each family to function at a higher spiritual level through calling upon their ancestors for help, which allows our Ancestors to fulfill their purposes. 

Chief Montana resides in the Atlanta, GA area and provides spiritual services to this community and beyond to address various issues and concerns. He continues to be guided by his Ancestors and Elders back in Tamale and has been charged with sharing the Ancient Wisdom of our Ancestors with the world.


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