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ARC offer introductory classes and open to public workshops from time to time. 

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Ancestral Communication Path

Our Ancestral Communication path is a 2  part study and the foundation for taking our advanced ancestral courses including our divination path.  The first class is ARC P1 - Communication followed by ARC P2 - Shrine.  These two classes will  give you the tools to communicate with your ancestors and ancestral spirits and build a working relationship to have them support you in healing yourself and your family.  Following completion of  ARC P2 - Shrine you will have the opportunity to  take our ARC P3 - Ancestralization class  where an ancestralization ritual is perform to bring your lost ancestors home.

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Continuing Study

For those who have completed the ARC P1 and P2 study and shrine building we offer our diviners path study beginning with the Ancestral Shells class. All classes in the diviners path require that you have an ancestral shrine and have completed a divination with Chief Montana confirming that this path is for you. If you have  completed the P2 - Shrine class and would like to take an advanced class , please contact us here to request access to register for the classes. 

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Introduction to Tradition

Ancestral Communication

Spiritual Tools

Ancestral Divination

Language and Culture

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