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How to Order (Please read carefully):

1. Review the Price List

2. Write down the Order IDs and how many you would like for each ID.  For assorted color boxes also include the color. Example: . 2xB1W36 /1xB2R36 for an order of 2 boxes of 36 white candles and 1 box of 36 red candles. 

3. Calculate the total price of your order 

4. Add shipping fees if applicable (See shipping fees below the order form) 

5.  Complete the Order Form

6. Pay for your order including shipping 

using the paypal link provided after the form has been submitted. 

Candles, Oils and Incense Order Form

Now Make a Payment

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Shipping Prices


Small box  (12 candles) - $7.90

Medium box (13 - 89 candles) - $14.35

Large box (90 - 256 candles) - $19.95

 Shipping not included in price list.  Please add shipping to your payment 

Lumiere by Nasara

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*Shipping not Included in the Prices.

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